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Doughnuts, Brownies, and Marketing

When was the last time you ventured away from your game plan and dared to try a creative way to connect with potential clients? Well, Sammi recently did just that and here’s what happened! True Story: “Sometimes we get caught up in website design and funnels and complicated email sequences. I’m definitely guilty. Today I […]

Healing Takes Time…

It is disheartening that one is expected to simply ignore the disdaining and what appeared to be impassioned rhetoric that was spewed out of an individual’s mouth that deeply and directly offended you personally. You know, It shouldn’t have been about President Obama, but unfortunately for some it was. And it’s not about Trump or […]

Social Media “S.T.E.A.M.”

Are you fully leveraging Social Media S.T.E.A.M.? That’s right! Where you’ve mapped and implemented a Social Media strategy with the following elements: Schedule Track Engage Advertise Monetize I’ll unpack this for you in the video that I shared with my tribe and now sharing with you! 🙂 Thanks again  to Chris Record for sharing such […]

Time | Don’t Waste Me Anymore…

Time truly is a currency that’s invaluable. Yet there is this tendency to waste it, to spend it on meaningless thoughts, actions or even relationships. Allowing others to steal it, or disrespect it. Why? Time is a gift, it’s precious. It should be used purposefully. Be mindful that it’s fleeting and it’s not waiting for […]

Timeshares vs. Travel Clubs | A Vlog Series

Timeshares  vs. Travel Clubs There are some experiences in life that you simply can’t put a price on. The opportunity to travel near and far is one of those invaluable experiences that life has to offer. The journeys and adventures continue to be rich! As an individual and family that love to travel, it just […]

Eat Well ~ Live Well ~ Love Well

What are you feasting on today? The Bread of Life… or a plate of doubt, confusion, uncertainty, fear, complacency, procrastination  and other matters of fat that could clog up your arteries leading to inaction. Start each day feasting on the word of God, continue to eat mini meals of prayer, confidence, love, praise, assurance, action […]

Marketing on Twitter without a Budget

Do you leverage Twitter for marketing? Perhaps you’re still trying to figure out how to effectively leverage Twitter as a viable marketing platform. Recently, I began to implement a few tips shared by Twitter Marketing expert Aaron Lee. Wow! The results have been pretty impressive in less than 24 hours after leveraging the first tip […]

Holy Listening | A Selfless Act

To Practice ‘Holy Listening’  (Holy: having a spiritually pure quality: a holy love.) Someone needs you to simply hear them with God’s filter. No judgment, no response is necessary, simply listen… As a result, the recipient of this gift will experience peace and healing and you my friend will experience joy.  Spiritual | Emotional | Relational ~ Legacy is Lived and […]