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Be Kind to Others…

You often hear the familiar saying, “be kind to others because you never know what they may be going through.”

It’s so so true. The past few years have been extremely challenging for several of my loved ones, and as a result, things have been challenging for me personally.

In the midst of these challenges, I’ve come to understand even more the importance of compassion, presence, and patience. 

I’ve come to know that Joy on the inside is such a treasured gift. It strengthens you and helps you to be resilient, and grateful in the midst of the trials. 

You learn to listen to and draw from and fully depend on the ultimate source, our God. It’s interesting how trials draw you closer, to humanity in need, to you yourself and most importantly to God. 

You don’t get to complain, mope, or hide. No, you have to prepare to face each day with the will to love, to give, and to be used by God on behalf of humanity. 

There is an opportunity to pay attention to what’s happening right in your midst. There are people in need right before you. When you’re looking to be a vessel, you will see it…

How will you respond? 

– Emotional | Relational | Spiritual Legacy

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

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