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Doughnuts, Brownies, and Marketing

When was the last time you ventured away from your game plan and dared to try a creative way to connect with potential clients?

Well, Sammi recently did just that and here’s what happened!

True Story:

“Sometimes we get caught up in website design and funnels and complicated email sequences. I’m definitely guilty. Today I did something super CHEAP and used a little bit of creativity and it’s already paying off. 

I heard about a young man who couldn’t get anyone to call him back when he sent in his resume – so he started sending doughnuts with his resume and he got a job 🙂 

So I went to my local doughnut shop and ordered some custom designs and dropped them off today – 1 box as a thank you to a client, 1 box as a follow up for a proposal I already submitted and 3 to people who have never heard of me (but we have a mutual contact) 

It cost less than $8 per box and I included a short branded note offering my services. 

Doughnuts may not be your thing – and you may be 100% online so it isn’t practical. But don’t be afraid to get creative and do something different. I dropped them off less than an hour ago and I already have a text from my client and an email from a Senior Vice President saying it was such a creative surprise – she won’t forget me and she didn’t even know I existed before today!” – Sammi 

What a great story!

I love how Sammi was not afraid to step away from her regular marketing strategies to go for an out of the box way to connect and it appears she nailed it!

Have you been looking for a way to implement Appreciation Marketing and Relationship Marketing in your business?

How about a strategy to implement appreciation marketing to increase referrals, retention, and ultimately more revenue?

The service that I use does not send doughnuts (yet) but we do send brownies!!!

What’s cool is, the service blends technology and personal touch to build relationships, follow up with prospects, and show appreciation to existing clients!


One of the best investments you will ever make, personally and professionally!

And yes, the service actually comes with an APP that lets you do all of this with your fingertips!

I refer to it as Appreciation marketing at its finest!

Go ahead, take a tour!

~ Relational Legacy

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

What creative strategies have you implemented for you and your brand to stand out?

Rita Stewart

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