Grace and Legacy

Pearl L. Stewart
She entered the world according to God’s plan, she exited the world full of His grace. Who could ask for more!
Affectionately known as momma, granny, or Pearly Mae to her most inner circle, as Pearl and Aunt Pearl to siblings, family and friends, and as Mrs. Stewart throughout the community. 
Just how impactful will her Legacy be?
How will we remember thee? 
~ Loving Servant through her gift and many acts of hospitality. Whether that be in the form of one of her scrumptious meals or divine desserts served at home or at church. Or her wide open door to all who knocked. Granny exemplified the gift of hospitality impeccably. She taught and demonstrated this to every girl in her circle and I’m certain to everyone who ever served under her professional command as well. 
~ Fierce Family Advocate through her relentless defense against anything or anyone who spoke ill of or had any ill will towards her family. Period. For those who have ever experienced the wrath of Pearl you will never forget it. Many described her as bold and fierce. And I believe we all would agree to that!
~ Flamboyant Fashionista with vibrant colors, coordinated accessories, jewels and wide brim hats! She wore her own style with grace and sheer confidence. 🙂
~ Compassionate Caregiver through her remedies and advocacy. Early in life, granny aspired to be a nurse. However because of her love for family and desire to remain close to home she would forgo that pursuit. However, she diligently, faithfully, and tirelessly practiced her craft and compassion to care for the ill through numerous acts of love towards her children, grandchildren, family and many others. 
And when the opportunity arrived where granny became the patient, God’s patient – her earnest plea and Hail Mary song was that she was and is “STILL IN HER RIGHT MIND” and that she was even as she peacefully went to sleep and God received her on the other side.
Thanks Be To God for honoring that!
MOMMA, GRANNY, Pearly Mae, Aunt Pearl, Pearl, Mrs. Stewart, Fierce Family Advocate, Loving Servant, Flamboyant Fashionista, and her greatest acts as Compassionate Caregiver THIS IS HOW WE WILL REMEMBER THEE, and your Legacy!
To God Be the Glory!
Pearl L. Stewart, 1932 – 2017
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Rita Stewart

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Kathy Haigler - January 11, 2017 Reply

Well done Rita I am sure Mrs Stewart would be so honored reading your words

    Rita Stewart - January 31, 2017 Reply

    Thank you Kathy for reading and for your continued friendship and support.

Beverly - January 12, 2017 Reply


I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mrs. Stewart. You nailed it, again. Eloquent and simple, not overbearing or overwhelming. Very stylish.

    Rita Stewart - January 31, 2017 Reply

    Hi Beverly,
    Thank you for reading her tribute and your kind remarks.

Sandy - January 12, 2017 Reply

We will miss granny so much … the memories she created with me and my family will never be forgotten. Truly a legacy builder!

    Rita Stewart - January 31, 2017 Reply

    We will indeed miss granny Sandy. We were generously graced wth her fierce love for family. 🙂

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