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Minimal Investment and Extraordinary Benefits | A Partnership with AmeriPlan

One of the most logical decisions I’ve made was to add a healthcare service/product to my business portfolio. The investment was minimal; and there is a tremendous need for affordable healthcare in the marketplace.

The company’s track record of well over two decades is commendable, and the product offers are outstanding with a very affordable consumer price point, it basically just made sense!


As a Benefit Consult, the training, the field experts, system and tools, network of providers, and of course the residual income have all proven to be a total win.

There are two ways to leverage what the company offers:

  1. A Benefit Consult
    1. As a consultant you can choose to focus on building your customer base.
    2. You also have the option to build a team of Benefit Consults.
  2. A Retail Subscriber
    1. There is the company’s flagship product available to consumers, the Dental Plus Plan. (Includes dental, vision and chiropractic care)
    2. Or you may elect the Medical Plus Plan.
    3. In addition to the Deluxe Plus Plan which offers combined Medical and Dental.

As a consumer, the savings on medical expenses our customers receive is outstanding!

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As a Benefit Consult you receive multiple perks, flexibility, training, systems and benefits all for a nominal investment. However, the return is for a lifetime, your business is willable; therefore your investment creates a legacy income for your family and future generations!

I invite you to leverage this Legacy Income Opportunity!

Join us at AmeriPlan as a Benefit Consultant

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder/Benefit Consultant

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What discount memberships do you currently leverage? Have you experienced tremendous savings as a result of the membership?

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