Nurturing Children In Matters of Faith | Kiwi: A Children’s Devotional

On my journey, it’s my heart’s desire to live and leave a Spiritual Legacy. I’m graced in several ways to do so through my work as a teacher, speaker, spiritual director, consultant, and author.

During the month of August we celebrate ‘Kiwi’s” birthday!

Kiwi is a wonderful children’s devotional written to support parents with nurturing their children in matters of faith.

The co-authors are myself, Rita Stewart and my wonderful brother Sid Taylor, Sr.

In this video I had the privilege of sharing ‘Kiwi: A Children’s Devotional’ with the Ambitious Christian Women founder, Laura Gabriele-Enriquez.


Trusting that you enjoyed that as much as I did sharing with you!

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In the comments, please share with us ways that you nurture children in matters of faith.

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