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We have the awesome opportunity in life, to live life in a manner such that our level of impact can reach far greater than our inner circle.  

Your living, your actions can actually penetrate through the depths of time. That’s Living Your Legacy!

A wonderful friend as we were having tea recently shared these sentiments about opportunity.

Too many opportunities are fleeting because one does not take the time to acknowledge or pursue THE opportunity right before them. The one that was destined to change their life and the impact one could make throughout the world because they chose to seize that opportunity.

Even in the midst of chaos, perceived excuses or lack of ability. Opportunity abounds. It may not look like what you have imagined, yet it’s THE one, the golden ticket. Many times we miss it, and there is hopefully that one time, you will courageously call out to it, to go for it…

My friend, shared the blind beggars story, a humbling biblical reference.

In spite of the crowd, the chaos the noise, or even his position down low sitting on a mat.

This day, the opportunity that was before him to seize, he would not allow it to simply pass by.

Blind Bartimaeus called out!

Christ answered. The blind beggar expressed his need. Jesus knew THE solution. The beauty of it, from within himself the beggar ignited the source of his faith.

Together with the compassion of Christ ~ Bartimaeus could now see. His destiny was released as a result of his will to courageously seize the moment, the opportunity that was right before him…

Many shouted at the beggar to be quiet, to sit still…

We must not allow the noise of the masses to drown out the call, the fight, the faith within us.

Pay attention, don’t miss it. It’s likely right before you.

Seize your moment, your healing, your opportunity…

Boldly call out for and claim THE opportunity that’s meant for you, don’t miss it!

It’s for the sake of your destiny, the difference that YOU are to make in the world, it’s for Your Legacy!

God Speed!
~ Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder
Mark 10:46-52
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