Marketing on Twitter without a Budget

Do you leverage Twitter for marketing? Perhaps you’re still trying to figure out how to effectively leverage Twitter as a viable marketing platform. Recently, I began to implement a few tips shared by Twitter Marketing expert Aaron Lee. Wow! The results have been pretty impressive in less than 24 hours after leveraging the first tip […]

Holy Listening | A Selfless Act

To Practice ‘Holy Listening’  (Holy: having a spiritually pure quality: a holy love.) Someone needs you to simply hear them with God’s filter. No judgment, no response is necessary, simply listen… As a result, the recipient of this gift will experience peace and healing and you my friend will experience joy.  Spiritual | Emotional | Relational ~ Legacy is Lived and […]


We all experience transitions in life, the attributing factors of our transitions vary depending on the stage of life we are in. In reflection, I’ve noted how parents and students are preparing for the school year or semester: attending orientations, purchasing books and supplies and completing annual physicals. This is now our 2nd season as […]

Video Marketing Leveraging Facebook Live

Video marketing is THE most effective marketing strategy of the 21st Century! This video was created via FaceBook Live on my business fan page. Be sure to connect with me there as well, Living Your Legacy with Rita Stewart. No need for much written content in this post as it’s all about video marketing, therefore […]

How to Become a Better Networker

10 Tips For Becoming A Better Networker – Ty Tribble As a business owner becoming an effective networker is imperative! Ty shares 10 invaluable tips on becoming a networker whose confident, mature and successful! Enjoy this excellent share by Ty in this Podcast! 10 Tips For Becoming A Better Networker You will be thrilled to […]

Why Elite Marketing Pro

I’ve shared how using an effective marketing system has been the primary game changer for my business portfolio, specifically Elite Marketing Pro! You may have heard of Elite Marketing Pro, however you’re not exactly sure what it is and what the platform has to offer! If you are looking to start a new business or […]

The Climb | From the Valley to The Mountain Top

Experiencing the valley gives one a greater appreciation when you reach the mountain top. The valley should not be frowned upon, it’s where you receive the revelation that there’s something more to strive for, it’s likely where you realize there is greater within you. I’m remembering the book, “Hinds Feet on High Places”. A very […]

The Birth of our Partnership with iBloom!

At iBloom their goal is to “Revolutionize the Way Women Do Business and Live Life”!   Our goal is to infuse your life and business with clarity, hope, encouragement, community, and the tools you need to be successful in business and live a life you love! – iBloom I just love that! Connecting with the […]