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Welcome to the iLegacy Builder Blog (Internet Legacy Builder – iLB), written and inspired with You, Your Business, and Your Legacy in mind! 

You may be exploring the opportunity to not only leave a legacy, but live your legacy now!

I will be sharing with you proven business, marketing, and financial solutions that will help you to Catapult Your Legacy and much more!

Your blog host is Rita Taylor Stewartconsultant, author, speaker, financial educator,digital strategist, and internet entrepreneur.

Those are my professional roles; I’m also, most importantly a servant, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend!

To share a little background about myself, we have a wonderful  young adult daughter and I have the most devoted and loving husband that I could have ever imagined. What gifts they are to me!

I am a Vision, Marketing and Ministry consultant, speaker on matters of faith and business, financial educator, an internet entrepreneur, and Co-author of Kiwi: A Children’s Devotional;  a Christian Educator and former banker and marketing executive, for 20+ years!

Ministry is who I am and how I give back, and I get paid as an iLegacy Builder!

Know this about me also, my personal mantra is: “In ALL that I do, it is in God with whom I must find favor.”

So, why the theme of legacy you may ask?

I remember reflecting one day on leaving a legacy.  I’ve always been convicted by the scriptures on legacy….. Upon reflecting I made an intentional decision to go forth from that day forward to not only seek to leave a legacy but to LIVE it!  From deep within my legacy is three fold,

  1. Master Teacher – In His Image – My passion is that each person that I have the opportunity to teach comes to know and experience the love of Jesus Christ.
  2. Grateful Servant – Towards ALL Human-kind – That I live life in deep gratitude for all things that I have been graced with the opportunity to experience – people, places, love and life.
  3. Generous Giver – Good Steward – That I generously give out of what I have such that lives are impacted in meaningful ways.

In this blog experience I plan to share the journey of living out my legacy in hope that YOU will be inspired to take action towards building and living your legacy.

I am intentional about legacy from the following perspectives: Relational | Spiritual | Financial | Emotional | Intellectual.

I left Corporate America to live my legacy with intention and now I spend my days helping others do the same!

I will share with you things that I learn, experiences, business, financial and internet marketing strategies that I implement, places that I travel to and much more! So, visit me often and I hope that you too will share in the comments how you are building and living your legacy!  Let’s do this!

Here’s to Your Legacy!

Rita Stewart, iLegacy Builder

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