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Leveraging Online Marketing

I’m thrilled to share with you a few articles that highlight outstanding take-a-ways and strategies on effectively leveraging social media and online marketing to grow your business!     Brandy shares 5 outstanding tips to crush it using Social Media!   Ferny shares 3 strategies to be an effective internet marketer.   Talk about positioning […]

It’s More Than A Diet

When I meet new people, whether online or offline, I always ask this question in the back of my mind, what is this connection really about? I met my wellness coach a few years ago. The draw at the time was that I was beginning to grow an herb garden and she was starting a […]

Grow, Protect, and Secure Your Money!

For whatever reason, it seems that discussing personal finances is taboo for many. I personally feel that notion can be or has been the detriment of financial wellness for many individuals and families. I’m open to sharing, who knows, it may help someone! A couple of years ago a former colleague and now friend invited […]

Thoughtful Gifts | Tea For Me!

I pride myself on nurturing personal and professional relationships as best that I can. One of the ways I go about doing so is whenever there is an opportunity to, I show simple acts of kindness and appreciation. It’s important to know what your love ones or business connections like. For me, I love tea! […]

Pop Up Conference | Invest in You!

As an entrepreneur, we definitely must commit to investing in ourselves to grow personally and professionally. In fact, you should have a budget amount set for continuous learning. I recently had the opportunity to attend an outstanding conference for women entrepreneurs hosted by the lovely Sharvette Mitchell of Mitchell Productions.   The conference model was boutique […]

Meaningful Relationships Matter

So how about it, You, Me and a Cup of Tea ~ Virtually! I have the privilege of listening to others in my work as a spiritual director, minister, business consultant, coach and friend… It’s the most important component of everything that I do, listening. There are a few common concerning themes that I hear… […]

An Untapped Travel Hack

My mind’s eye can still see the beautiful aqua blue ocean as I walked out onto the pool side balcony of the Marriott San Juan Puerto. I can still hear the waves thrashing upon the shore, and feel the breeze that swayed the beautiful palm trees all around. During our family holiday gathering just 8 […]

A Review of Online Sales Pro

Online Sales Pro, It’s pretty phenomenal! I still have memories of the long days and nights learning the tools of the trade for internet marketing. My husband would encourage me to come to bed, but as a teacher with a passion for learning, and vision that is on fire, it was not always that easy […]

Uncluttered 2

Have you experienced feeling a need to become uncluttered, to make room for things you love to do and make time for those you love? I embarked upon the journey to unclutter my personal space over a twelve week period. This article is a sequel to a previous article I published entitled, Uncluttered, when I […]