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Self Care for the Journey!

A year ago during the month of February I experienced a 21 day raw food cleanse. My wellness coach, Rosalind inspired me to look back over our raw food cleanse. These look SO GOOD!!! And they tasted so good! By day 3 my palette was singing and my body was dancing!!! This is the article […]

Key Person Coverage | Why Your Business Needs It

I recently read an article about a booming business partnership. Unfortunately one of the partners was killed in a motorcycle accident. The remaining partner has vowed to ensure that the wife and children of his late partner will be financially taken care of as long as he is alive, certainly very selfless and noble. Take […]

Protect Yourself!

I’ve been following this Independent Damsel Pro for a while and she’s on a mission to educate and empower for the sake of your physical protection! Our guest blogger, Lynn Lewis shares, as an Independent Damsel Pro with Damsel In Defense, “I get to empower people with the confidence they need to defend themselves should […]

3 Types of Facebook Ads That Net Results!

There are some things in life that you embark upon initially by ‘tip toeing’ forward with caution. In some cases you may be afraid to take the steps and afraid not to. I remember when  I began delving into Facebook ads with trepidation, yet, determination! I believe you will appreciate these 3 FB ad strategies […]

Financial Legacy | Serving You in a Bigger Way!

Could you imagine being positioned to set up your loved ones long term financial legacy? Is that a personal goal that you’d love to make a reality? I’ve been helping individuals, families, and small business owners to enhance their financial legacy. It’s truly a passion and I’d love to serve more people in a bigger […]

An Ode to the Good Men in my Life

A reflection on the good men in my life… My grandfather, Big Daddy: His work was that of a logger, this reminded me of Christ as a carpenter. He used his hands masterfully to create and build just about anything with wood. He found so much joy in making his grandchildren laugh, in letting us simply […]

Making A Profit While Making A Difference

The question has been asked, “Is your business making the world better?” For those of you who follow me, you know how meaningful the concept of legacy is to me. It’s a central theme or driving force as to how or why I do all that I do. “Each of us has the opportunity to […]

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