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Out Of The Office!

I read this recently on a post. Oh, the feelings from the past that surfaced from this! “I’m convinced that fewer things are more exciting than setting your automatic email reply ….. Seriously! I’ll be out of the office and not replying to emails. Not even reading them. I’ll see you in two weeks.” This sounds great I’m sure […]


Diversifying my business portfolio has truly allowed me to live freely at being the best me I desire to be. Of course there’s always room for growth and I’m totally open to that! Diversify : to produce or sell more kinds of products : to increase the variety of goods or services produced or offered by (someone or something). When I […]


We have the awesome opportunity in life, to live life in a manner such that our level of impact can reach far greater than our inner circle.  Your living, your actions can actually penetrate through the depths of time. That’s Living Your Legacy!A wonderful friend as we were having tea recently shared these sentiments about […]

Road Trip Ready and Protected with Perks!

Our family LOVES to take road trips! Our daughter often reflects on her memories as a child of our road trips as a family. Whether it was a planned road trip to the beach or spontaneous day trips! We all had a favorite blanket, music playlist and of course snacks for the ride. 🙂 She never objected […]

Grace and Legacy

Pearl L. Stewart She entered the world according to God’s plan, she exited the world full of His grace. Who could ask for more! Affectionately known as momma, granny, or Pearly Mae to her most inner circle, as Pearl and Aunt Pearl to siblings, family and friends, and as Mrs. Stewart throughout the community.  Just how impactful will […]

Watch, Listen, Learn, and APPLY | Don’t Quit!

“You’ve probably heard it said before – People don’t become successful by luck. They become successful by learning skill-sets.” I’m inclined to share, particularly for those who may be still trying to figure out if they made the right decision to invest in themselves via Elite Marketing Pro (EMP).  As well as for those who are on […]

Be Kind to Others…

You often hear the familiar saying, “be kind to others because you never know what they may be going through.” It’s so so true. The past few years have been extremely challenging for several of my loved ones, and as a result, things have been challenging for me personally. In the midst of these challenges, I’ve come […]

Ready to Build a Rock-Solid Network Marketing Team?

(Guest article by Julie Burke, this is good stuff!) Are you struggling to duplicate? Frustrated with the lack of growth of your team? Do you find it exhausting to try and keep your team members motivated? Hey, you’re not alone! But luckily… It’s not as hard as you might think to create vastly more production in your organization. So pay close attention […]

Advent ~ Expecting | Waiting | Coming

Advent – “the expectation of something or someone who is to come”.As Christians, we wait with great anticipation, reflection and preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ! “At Advent more than any other time it reminds you of the ongoing need for justice, the need to be attentive and mindful of living the values of God’s kingdom/reign. It also […]

Doughnuts, Brownies, and Marketing

When was the last time you ventured away from your game plan and dared to try a creative way to connect with potential clients? Well, Sammi recently did just that and here’s what happened!True Story:“Sometimes we get caught up in website design and funnels and complicated email sequences. I’m definitely guilty. Today I did something super […]