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Life and Liberty | NYC

Life and Liberty | NYC I recently spent about a week in NYC supporting our daughter with a move across country. The experience outside of the grunt work was enlightening as it usually is when visiting the city.  Within a matter of minutes or a few city blocks you are thrust into the experience of […]

The Rhythm of Life | Live Life Masterfully

The Rhythm of Life | Live Life Masterfully I’m curious~ Whether you are retiring in your 20’s, (There are many who are masterfully and yes legally making it happen.) Congratulations! …Or in the perceived ‘normal’ retirement age range of 50’s and 60’s. Then what? Travel, Volunteer, Garden, Write, Day Dream, Rest on Your Laurels…  Seriously, […]


The past few years have been very challenging with responsibilities for my extended family. As a result, I was neglecting my personal space, my physical self, and my love for reading.  This year on my milestone birthday of 55, I made a decision to be more intentional about making time for things that are meaningful […]

Out Of The Office!

I read this recently on a post. Oh, the feelings from the past that surfaced from this!   “I’m convinced that fewer things are more exciting than setting your automatic email reply ….. Seriously!  I’ll be out of the office and not replying to emails. Not even reading them. I’ll see you in two weeks.”   […]


We have the awesome opportunity in life, to live life in a manner such that our level of impact can reach far greater than our inner circle.   Your living, your actions can actually penetrate through the depths of time. That’s Living Your Legacy! A wonderful friend as we were having tea recently shared these […]

Grace and Legacy

Pearl L. Stewart   She entered the world according to God’s plan, she exited the world full of His grace. Who could ask for more!   Affectionately known as momma, granny, or Pearly Mae to her most inner circle, as Pearl and Aunt Pearl to siblings, family and friends, and as Mrs. Stewart throughout the […]

Be Kind to Others…

You often hear the familiar saying, “be kind to others because you never know what they may be going through.” It’s so so true. The past few years have been extremely challenging for several of my loved ones, and as a result, things have been challenging for me personally. In the midst of these challenges, […]

Advent ~ Expecting | Waiting | Coming

Advent – “the expectation of something or someone who is to come”. As Christians, we wait with great anticipation, reflection and preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ! “At Advent more than any other time it reminds you of the ongoing need for justice, the need to be attentive and mindful of living the values of God’s kingdom/reign. […]

Healing Takes Time…

It is disheartening that one is expected to simply ignore the disdaining and what appeared to be impassioned rhetoric that was spewed out of an individual’s mouth that deeply and directly offended you personally. You know, It shouldn’t have been about President Obama, but unfortunately for some it was. And it’s not about Trump or […]

Time | Don’t Waste Me Anymore…

Time truly is a currency that’s invaluable. Yet there is this tendency to waste it, to spend it on meaningless thoughts, actions or even relationships. Allowing others to steal it, or disrespect it. Why? Time is a gift, it’s precious. It should be used purposefully. Be mindful that it’s fleeting and it’s not waiting for […]