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Financial ‘what if’s’ To Consider: A Personal Reflection

Financial Wellness and A Jigsaw Puzzle, what could they possibly have in common?

In this vlog article, as imperfect as it is, I share from a personal place, a raw truth of my own experience and how I’ve prepared for our financial future.

The beauty in this, is that I’m graced with the opportunity to support others each day to secure their financial legacy as well.

Watch this video, glean from it, share your thoughts in the comments, and most importantly, take action on behalf of your financial legacy.

About the puzzle: the pieces represent the opportunity to support your Family (Die too soon), your Future ( Retirement/Live too long), and You (Become ill/Living Benefits). Keep this top of mind as you consider next steps towards securing your financial legacy.

Questions? Reach out to me here.

Ladies, be sure to request to join the private group that I reference in the video, Money Matters & Tea!

Thank you for watching and sharing!

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder and Licensed Financial Educator

Rita Stewart

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