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Grow, Protect, and Secure Your Money!

For whatever reason, it seems that discussing personal finances is taboo for many. I personally feel that notion can be or has been the detriment of financial wellness for many individuals and families. I’m open to sharing, who knows, it may help someone!

A couple of years ago a former colleague and now friend invited me to a financial literacy workshop dinner. For several months I declined the invitation mainly due to conflicts in my schedule and truth be told, in the back of mind I thought I really didn’t need to attend a financial literacy workshop entitled ‘Money 101’. After all, I began my professional career in banking and financial services, so I thought I had pretty sound foundation in financial literacy.

However, eventually I accepted her invitation, as she remained persistent and she consistently invited me. Also, there was one additional step I knew I wanted to take to solidify my long term financial wellness as an independent consultant and entrepreneur.

I arrived; she greeted me as her happy self as she always does. I took a seat and encouraged her to take care of her other guests and that I would be fine. The speaker was very knowledgeable, and a really good storyteller.

About 15 minutes or so into his presentation, I took out my journal, I carry one everywhere I go. 😉 Wait, things were getting more than interesting as he proceeded to share financial concepts, a few of which were not new, however I was not aware of them. He also shared information about a few financial solutions that I was not aware of. Specifically a few insurance based solutions, some of which are new to the industry.

As I shared, with my background in financial services, a former licensed insurance agent and my husband who has spent his entire career in financial services! I felt pretty knowledgeable and secure about how we had positioned ourselves and the products we selected for our long term financial security.

Right? Wrong!!!

We were missing out on vital information and insight on outstanding solutions that can further enhance our financial legacy. I fully understood what the speaker was sharing and as result, I needed to take action, immediately!

So here’s what happened, I listened intently, TOOK ACTION and further Secured Our Money and ultimately our Financial Legacy and YOU CAN TOO!

As a result of my first, committing to attend the workshop, listening and then taking action! We are now positioned for our money to GROW, to PROTECT our family from financial bankruptcy in the case of medical illness or injury and to SECURE our money from volatile swings in the market AND leverage Tax Free Savings!

Sometimes, we miss things because we’re comfortable with where we are and perceive that we are okay. As a result of my having an open mind, and willing to show up, and then take action; I was able to enhance our family’s financial legacy practically 10 fold. And you know what? It really did not require that much more than what we were already investing!

Have you taken a look at your financial portfolio recently? Have you reviewed your current insurance policies? Are you familiar with terms like IUL, Tax Free Indexed Savings Accounts, Accelerated Benefits, Million Dollar Baby or Living Benefits? Then you have work to do!

Want to know more? We’d love to share with you how money works and how you can grow, protect and secure your money also! Trust me; it’s never too early (babies or millennials) or even too late in most cases. Reach out to me! You are welcome to attend one of the next Money 101 workshops in your area, tell them Rita sent you!

😉 Live Your Legacy!

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

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As a result of my having an open mind, and willing to show up, and then take action; I was able to enhance our family’s financial legacy practically 10 fold.

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