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(Disclosure: as an affiliate for the products, tools and services referenced, commissions are paid to registered affiliates. Note, I personally use each of the items recommended here. Thank you, Rita Stewart)

Proven Courses:

Courses that will support your business growth using internet marketing strategies:

amf-boot-camp-sample-graphicAttraction Marketing Formula

Get the Attraction Marketing Formula, and learn this proven formula to draw customers and prospects to you.  Tired of chasing family and friends? You can finally have rejection-free sales and recruiting.  This is the exact formula my coach and mentor used to fire his boss before he turned 28!  Free 10-Day Boot Camp just for checking it out.

Online Sales Pro 

I’ve had inquiries about the opportunity to integrate texting in ones client or lead management strategy. I’ve come across this app that’s pretty intuitive with lead management via texting and integrates with your auto responder. Features: Generate leads for any company, unlimited landing pages and templates, social media and sales training and much more!

It’s customizable and is iOS and android compatible. It’s user friendly and has an affiliate option if interested. 🙂 Learn more about the app here.

Social Media Recruiter

A complete step-by-step blueprint ANYONE can use to recruit and explode their direct sales or network marketing business with social media. 12717470_727858170682587_3295713042663693794_n12717470_727858170682587_3295713042663693794_n


This is an excellent guide to leverage for enhancing your social media marketing skills! Get your copy of the guide here.

Simple Video Script Formula

Are you ready to leverage video marketing in your business? It’s the 21st Century and video marketing is definitely a strategy that can and should be leveraged by every business owner. Learn more from this part 3 part video script!1893_740880659380338_5807050109077258103_n12717470_727858170682587_3295713042663693794_n


Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

Leverage these 10 Powerful Blogging strategies that blogging pros use to write engaging blog posts that create raving fans.

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Email and Social Media Marketing:

Mailing for Money 




This training uses step by step instruction on how to create emails that ultimately net results. Mailing for Money offers the real truth about where the money is in your email list and how to extract it with ease.


The Copywriter’s Guild

Catapult your Network Marketing or any business by implementing these copy writing skills! Learn more.


Five Winning Headline Formulas

5 Proven Ways You Can Instantly Grab Your Prospect’s Attention And Pull Them Into Reading Your Sales Letter Or Watching Your Video. Yours Free.


Ultimate Sales Funnel

Tim will walk you through a master plan for creating effective sales funnels that convert! Learn more.

Marketing Systems | Community of Experts:

EMP-3-e1440696784122Elite Marketing Pro

Founded by three entrepreneurs with a passion for economic independence, Elite Marketing Pro provides targeted education, training, and mentoring programs for people who share that passion and want to develop a “lifestyle business” of their own. Leverage the one to one COACHING as an added bonus with this platform! Learn more. I must share, connecting with this platform has been a climatic point in my journey as an internet legacy builder. I’m deeply indebted to the community, the tools and strategies and most importantly, the one to one coaching that every member receives. Invest in yourself as an individual and entrepreneur, your legacy and every person and entity impacted by your works, will surely thank you. 🙂

Virtual Profit System/ Explore Resorts International

VPS serves as a gateway to the lucrative travel industry. You gain access to experienced marketers who position you to leverage one of the best affiliate based travel clubs in the industry. Learn more. Connect with me on Legacy Global Vacations fan page! Know this, the VPS community and training helped to bring clarity for me on so many of the unknowns of internet marketing, my foundation was set as a result of VPS. Additionally, I gained insight and access to high ticket products and marketing. Yeah!


Must Have Tools/Services:


Get Response

An email auto responder is an absolute must for every business. I recommend, “At GetResponse, we help people create stunning email marketing campaigns with ease.” I find the system to be very user friendly with great customer support. Learn more.


Every business owner, coach, consultant, author, you name it needs to be intentional about managing to their business receipts, expenses and mileage. The TaxBot app and platform is extremely user friendly, efficient and tax accountants love when their clients leverage this tool! Learn more. 



Living Benefits! 

Living Benefits life insurance is the new, evolved kind of life insurance. I trust that you will be just as intrigued and so grateful to know the difference! Head on over here to learn more! 





This platform is by far one of the most important investments I have made personally and professionally. Every business owner and individual can leverage SOC to be intentional about managing to relationships. For businesses with SOC you have appreciation marketing at its finest in action! Leverage my one to one consult to help you with leveraging this service immediately. Learn more.

MotorClub of America


Membership with Motor Club of America provides the service and peace of mind you most desperately want when the unexpected occurs at home, on the road, or at work. Literally over $150k per month in benefits with a referral marketing option!

As a family, we absolutely love this service and ALL of the benefits and perk$!


This is basically a ‘shoe in’ as they say. Sign up for the website/app for free where you can earn CASH BACK for just purchasing like you normally would online. All you do is click on a store that you want to shop through (there are TONS of stores, Kohls, REI, Target, Toys R Us, Amazon, etc.) and simply shop just like you normally would.  

Ebates makes a commission for referring you to the store you shop at, and they give you some of the money back as a thank you. Plus, when you sign up through my link here, you receive a free $10 sign up bonus once you make your first $25 purchase. It gets even better! Refer a friend and you get $25! So get the app, its free! Trust me, you’ll appreciate it when your checks arrive!154463_10152130471605874_1433035654_n



Reach out to me directly or leave a comment with questions you may have about any of the resources recommended. I personally use each of these systems, tools and strategies to manage my business portfolio as well as my ministry consulting.

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