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It’s More Than A Diet

When I meet new people, whether online or offline, I always ask this question in the back of my mind, what is this connection really about? I met my wellness coach a few years ago. The draw at the time was that I was beginning to grow an herb garden and she was starting a community garden in her city. I admired her work and her commitment for providing a space where people could have access to healthy fresh food.

Needless to say Vegas Roots in Las Vegas, NV is thriving! And so is the work of the founder Rosalind Brooks who launched Well Women of Color Wellness University in February where I am an inaugural participant! 

A core foundation of Wellness University is that our journey to wellness is so much more than a diet. The goal is for each us to experience the healing of our bodies from the inside out. As a result, we are able to journey through life as entrepreneurs, business, civic and ministry leaders, parents and much more while also being healthy contributors to society.

As a member of Wellness U only 5 short weeks in, I feel absolutely incredible!

The initial 21 days consisted of a completely raw diet of fruit, vegetables and juices. As I read the shopping list provided for week one, there were several ingredients that not only was I not familiar with, there were a few items I didn’t even know how to pronounce! I turned the shopping event into somewhat of a scavenger hunt, and my hubby and I had a blast!

After four stores and just over $40 (yep, that’s it!), I was ready to begin prepping for week one!

I was familiar with juicing as Rosalind had invited us to start juicing about 6 months before the launch of Wellness U. I successfully navigated through the process of opening fresh young coconut, with the help of the produce manager. Who knew how creamy the meat would be and wow, how refreshing the coconut water inside it is!

Jicama anyone? It’s now one of my favorite root vegetables that are light, crunchy and fresh! It was perfect for dipping my fresh guacamole.

My favorite raw dish is Tibouli! I was pleasantly surprised by the burst of flavor from the lemon olive oil dressing and the fresh taste of the cilantro and parsley. Not to mention it’s a quick fix anytime! 

Here’s the most startling realization, by day two of the raw fast I literally felt like a new person! Clarity of mind, flexibility, and LOTS of energy!!!

As a result of committing to the process, along with several other women in the program, I’ve fully embraced the concepts of clean eating, flushing my colon, using natural personal care items and so much more!

We are in fact healing our bodies from the inside out and it’s not at all about a diet! It’s truly about learning to live a healthy and whole life and teaching current and future generations to do the same.

🙂 Live Your Legacy!

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

 What has your experience been with plant based meals or juicing for wellness?

Rita Stewart

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Andrea - April 11, 2018 Reply


I’d love to meet with you and talk about the raw diet and the changes more. You know that Doug and I are advocates of healthy eating and lifestyle. However, in the last year we have both made some poor choices, etc. which are adversely affecting the way we feel. Thanks so much for sharing your journey.
love you,

    Rita Stewart - April 29, 2018 Reply

    Hi Andrea!
    Thank you so much for your response. I’d be thrilled to share more about my journey, let’s connect for a cup of tea. I’ll be in touch!

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