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Legacy Inspiration

It’s a New Day!legacy[1]

And a great day to Live Your Legacy!

 iLegacy Builder with Rita Stewart has launched the Live Your Legacy initiative.

Each of us has the opportunity to live life in such a manner that we ignite the passion and power within ourselves and others to live as if our life is on fire!

The result will be a powerful brand that is seared into the hearts and minds of humanity for all eternity.

A brand, in this context, translates to mean YOUR LEGACY; that will transform and empower the lives of individuals relationally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and intellectually.

Here are ways you can Live Your Legacy now!

  1. Give of yourself – passionately immerse your whole self in life such that you are a gift relationally.
  2. Serve a greater cause – position yourself financially to give generously to meaningful and life changing initiatives.
  3. Practice disciplines – consistently fill your soul with the precepts and principles of God so that you can then pour out from your spiritual self to others.
  4. Share what you learn – this is will be your opportunity to intentionally enhance intellectual quality.
  5. Make energizing contributions – speak life and hope in the lives of others that will support the emotional stability of mankind.


Take responsibility – relentlessly take full responsibility for your actions to ensure that you live life beyond yourself and in a manner that will outlive and outlast all time.  – Live Your Legacy!

iLegacy Builder ~ Rita Stewart

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