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Life and Liberty | NYC

Life and Liberty | NYC

I recently spent about a week in NYC supporting our daughter with a move across country. The experience outside of the grunt work was enlightening as it usually is when visiting the city. 

Within a matter of minutes or a few city blocks you are thrust into the experience of differing cultures, religions, and ways of life. In America, that’s how it’s meant to be right? I mean millions have risked all they have to experience the ‘American’ dream.

From walking around the corner to the coffee shop, sitting in the window and just gazing upon the unique faces and hearing the varying dialects. It was simply beautiful to witness each morning!                                               

To sitting in the park along the East river watching a soccer game with players from varying nationalities, to partaking a wonderful lunch sitting at a cafe along the Hudson in the financial district, experiencing a totally different vibe. More guarded, less playful, a different set of utensils at the table. Your ginger beer (ale) is served in a glass, versus straight from the bottle in Williamsburg/BK.

What was most striking about this experience was my ride in the Uber headed to the station. My driver was from the Middle East, he was listening to his religious chants via his iPhone that were projected through the car speakers. He was very kind, generously helped me with my luggage, and wished me well as we said goodbye. 

As I gazed out the window on the ride, I saw glimpses of struggle, laughter, and strength. I saw a community of Jewish families, babies, school children and shop owners. 

I saw glimpses of the Asian culture as I was whisked across the avenues and of course hundreds of African Americans and Europeans. I saw churches, mosques and synagogues. 

I saw the United States of America, people from multiple nations, with different beliefs doing life, living their legacy and it was beautiful!

It seems there’s much we can learn from New Yorkers. Oh that we could all get along in this country, in this world, in the pursuit of happiness, life, and liberty! 

Thank you NYC!

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

So what about you, in what ways are you living life passionately pursuing your dreams, happiness, liberty and ultimately your legacy?

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