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Meaningful Relationships Matter

So how about it, You, Me and a Cup of Tea ~ Virtually!

I have the privilege of listening to others in my work as a spiritual director, minister, business consultant, coach and friend…

It’s the most important component of everything that I do, listening.

There are a few common concerning themes that I hear…

– I don’t have anything to offer/give.

– I’m lonely.

– I’m afraid of what ‘whoever’ might think.

– They don’t call me.

– They don’t like me.

– I don’t have the resources.

– I don’t know how to do that.

I know…
It’s unfortunate that these thoughts are a reality for many people.

And for some, certain seasons of the year or life can be harder than others.

Every day we have an opportunity to let someone know that they are loved, that they are meaningful to you and to others, that they have gifts within that someone needs them to share.

The same is true for YOU as well.

The very thing that you feel you are in need of, is what you should give to another.

Stop dwelling on what you perceive to be missing in your life and spend more time focusing on how you can give out of what you have.

Be mindful in friendships and relationships;

The little things matter just as much, even more, yet that’s often not realized…

I don’t need you to send me on a vacation, pay my bills, clean my house, buy me a car, fund my bank account or write my dissertation.

How about, simply listen to me, acknowledge my presence, respond to my call or even my text, pray with me, keep your word, dream with me, simply be present for one another.

You don’t have to be over zealous or intrusive as a friend. Simply be present…

Friendships, relationships should be naturally reciprocal…

Consider your friendships, relationships, are you present, are you responsive, the little things matter a lot, yes even more…

Consider, who has been a good friend to you?

Have you been a good friend?

We are a relational people, give of yourself, stay up someone’s arms, the journey is not meant to be alone, you are needed, and it’s likely, more than you realize…

There is no need for anyone to feel insecure. Hold fast to these truths, you are never alone; you were created in love to show love.

Meaningful relationships truly do matter; I’d love to have a cup of tea with you anytime, even virtually!

Be encouraged, you have everything you need and even more to offer to another!

Go forth and do just that!

And while you’re at it, enjoy a cup of tea!

~ Relational | Spiritual Legacy

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

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