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A Review of Online Sales Pro

Online Sales Pro, It’s pretty phenomenal!

I still have memories of the long days and nights learning the tools of the trade for internet marketing. My husband would encourage me to come to bed, but as a teacher with a passion for learning, and vision that is on fire, it was not always that easy to shut it down for the night. 🙂

I have no regrets for the long grueling nights I experienced, however today I do all that I can to help minimize the learning curve for others who are aspiring to build their business or to promote their cause by leveraging the internet.

I’ve had inquiries about the opportunity to integrate texting in one’s client or lead management strategy.

I’ve come across this app it’s definitely pretty intuitive with lead management with a texting feature and integrates with your email auto responder.

It’s customizable and is iOS and android compatible. It’s user friendly and has an affiliate option if interested!

Oh but there is so much more about OSP that you will definitely want to leverage!

Take a look at this brief video review  of Online Sales Pro.


As I shared in the video, this is what I love MOST about OSP;

When a person gets started in any of my entities and they decide to leverage OSP, I share with them the ‘share code’ for the opt in campaign I use.  It’s like I literally copy and paste the content for them, so that they can duplicate the exact same things I am doing to get started on achieving their initial results!

Features of Online Sales Pro:

 +Generate leads for any company or product
+State of the art lead management system
+App for iOS and Android for real time contact
+Simple and easy to use system
+The latest lead generation features
+Unlimited landing pages and templates
+Easy to customize for your brand
+Autoresponder integration options
+Social media and sales training built-in
+30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve come to understand that everyone appreciates a good tool or system that’s going to net results for them. OSP has proven to be a great addition to my portfolio of tools.

OSP has certainly garnered the opportunity for me to connect with hundreds of more people in a very short period of time. Now it’s up to me to provide value and show them the money! 😉 You can do the same!

Take a look at OSP now!

Live Your Legacy!

 Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

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You can't leverage this tool soon enough to connect with 100's of people who need exactly what you have to offer!

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