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Pop Up Conference | Invest in You!

As an entrepreneur, we definitely must commit to investing in ourselves to grow personally and professionally. In fact, you should have a budget amount set for continuous learning.

I recently had the opportunity to attend an outstanding conference for women entrepreneurs hosted by the lovely Sharvette Mitchell of Mitchell Productions.  

The conference model was boutique style!

What does that mean? The setting was intimate, the featured speakers, panelist, key note speaker, the illustrious Kim Coles I must mention :), and the host were all actually accessible. Imagine that!

Oh, this year I upped my game and registered as a VIP attendee. Let me just say, it was well worth every dollar! 

Be sure to research what perks come along with registering as a VIP. It’s highly likely that the extra investment will have a return that far exceeds your initial investment as the value received will likely net you outstanding results.

Look at the long term vision as you determine how to invest in your knowledge and skills to grow your business or cause. As you do your strategic planning each quarter or year to grow your business, select conferences that will support your vision and goals.

A few takeaways from the Pop Up Conference | Monetize Your Brand 

  • Be able to effectively communicate how you can help others.
  • Your life is content. (Share it via video!)
  • Speak to the issue and concerns of your audience.
  • What works: Commitment, Consistency and Valuable Content
  • “Believe in yourself so strongly that the world can’t help but to believe in you too.” – Unlocking the Giant Within, Dr. Olive C. Brown
  • “Carry within yourself victorious secrets.”
  • Traditional media is going to ‘new media’: video, email marketing and alignment with a cause/nonprofit. – Antoinette Essa
  • To the women who put their dreams on the shelf so that others could live theirs… it’s time to fly! – Maya Harris, What’s Your Oil? Unmasking Your Hidden Talents
  • If you have a vision, then you will definitely need to have an element of FAITH! – Sharvette Mitchell
  • Monetize Your Platform! ~ Solve a problem at a profit. Be sure to check out The Product Academy for more information on this!
  • What is your competitor missing?
  • Be unique!
  • Many are called but not convinced. – Audra UpChurch
  • You may hear, but are you really listening? – Ellice Darien
  • Open Your G.I.F.T.S. and Share Them with the World! – Kim Coles (G.I.F.T.S. – Gratitude, Intention, Forgiveness, Triumphs, Self-Love)
  • My story is my Legacy, What will be YOUR Legacy? – Kim Coles

I’ll close with this, after you attend a conference, IMPLEMENT! 

What I have not shared in this article are the actual take aways and action items that can be implemented to monetize your platform. Every participant walked away with applicable and relevant ways to monetize!!!

Your notes from a conference will not bring about results, hence business growth!

Within 24 – 48 hours of attending a conference, select 2 – 3 take aways that you can implement immediately! This is how you will garner your ROI from your investment!

Once you invest in you – make it count!

Live Your Legacy!

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

Share this article with others and let me know in the comments how you plan to invest in you?

Article pics: Kimie James

Within 24 – 48 hours of attending a conference, select 2 – 3 take a ways that you can implement immediately! This is how you will garner your ROI from your investment!

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Sharvette - December 20, 2017 Reply

What a glowing recap and review! I am excited to see where life takes you and your business because you are an action taker…

    Rita Stewart - December 20, 2017 Reply

    Thank you Sharvette!
    I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you!

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