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Self Care for the Journey!

A year ago during the month of February I experienced a 21 day raw food cleanse.

My wellness coach, Rosalind inspired me to look back over our raw food cleanse. These look SO GOOD!!! And they tasted so good!

By day 3 my palette was singing and my body was dancing!!!

This is the article I wrote sharing that experience.

In August, Gerald (my hubby) and I experienced the raw cleanse together, it has totally transformed our lives. We feel SO good, no more snoring, clothes fitting well, lots of energy, clarity of mind, and much more.

The beauty is now we can prepare dishes like this with ease as we know what’s good for us and how to use herbs and spices to make everything taste good!!!

He use to frown about certain foods, not anymore!

Here we are in February 2019, and I’m on a 21 day liquid cleanse. It’s different, the first day was intense and the prepping was a lot of work. However, as I’m writing this, it’s day 4 and I feel fantastic!!!

I now have a rhythm for prepping and Gerald is tasting, however he’s not fully engaged, yet.

So why, what’s the point in doing this?

I love myself, and I love my family, but most importantly I love God in me. We’re all purposely called by God for a good work on the journey. However, it can be difficult to do that good work if you’re sick, sluggish, cranky, tired, or excessively medicated.

God calls us to go forth into the vineyard, into all the earth to feed His people. Your vineyard is different from mine, whether it be the classroom, mission field, marketplace, board room, sporting venue, a cubicle, the church or someone’s bedside. The key is, we must be physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready to go!!!

Trust me, when the calls come for that which YOU are to do, you want to be conditioned and able to respond effectively. Don’t miss your opportunities to serve as God calls.

Take care of yourself, watch your intake, protect your peace, nurture your mind and fuel your body with that which is good for you.

So what about you, how do you intentionally practice self care of your mind, body, and soul for the journey? Let’s us hear from in the comments below.

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Rita Stewart

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