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The past few years have been very challenging with responsibilities for my extended family. As a result, I was neglecting my personal space, my physical self, and my love for reading. 

This year on my milestone birthday of 55, I made a decision to be more intentional about making time for things that are meaningful to me and to include others. 

So, I enrolled in a course that will challenge and inspire me to live life uncluttered!

The course is hosted by Joshua Becker of ‘The More of Less’ and Becoming Minimalist.

This is my why for embarking upon this experience as shared with the host and other participants. 

In this season of life, my why is to have my home to be a place of refreshing and renewal for my family and all those who enter in. We are now empty nesters; however I’m ready to open my home for tea parties. 🙂

I love to read, I love tea and I love riding my bicycle. There is nothing more freeing and refreshing than the wind against my face as I’m riding. 

3 years ago we transitioned my grandmother of 95 from her home of 40+ years. It was a grueling experience. This year, we closed down my in laws home of 60+ years. That experience was practically horrific. The weight was heavy, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is not what I want anyone to have to experience as a result of our home being excessively cluttered and un-breathable!

Hence, my why, is to have our home to be a place of refreshing and renewal. A feeling that’s freeing and a breath of fresh air where our spirit thrives!

I’m looking forward to feeling refreshed and renewed in a healthy, wholesome space and enjoying more time: 

  • Reading: Time with God
  • Hosting Tea Parties: Time with others
  • Bike Riding: Time for me

These activities will enhance one’s Spiritual, Relational, and Emotional Legacy. 🙂

So looking forward to this journey!


Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

How about you? Feeling a need to become uncluttered and make room for things you love to do and make time for those you love? How is the notion of living life uncluttered relative for you?

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Rita Stewart

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Sandy - May 6, 2017 Reply

Can I tell you this is right on time for me??!!?? I’m with you on this and it needs to happen sooner than later!

    Rita Stewart - May 8, 2017 Reply

    Hi Sandy!
    Thank you for chiming in, I’m glad that you are encouraged by it!

Emily - May 7, 2017 Reply

After going through my own downsizing and enjoying the freedom that comes from letting go of ‘stuff’, I can definitely attest to the relief, refreshment, and expansiveness of less. Less is indeed more. Rita, you’ll enjoy the greaterness of those relaxed activities you’re planning once you make the space. Such a beautiful article. Thank you for sharing. Warm regards, Emily

    Rita Stewart - May 8, 2017 Reply

    Hi Emily,
    Thank you for your sentiments. Congratulations on your successful transition and welcomed new season of life!

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